A new twist to rice

Rice. I LOATHE RICE! My husband, on the other hand, can’t get enough. It’s probably one of those food topics that we just don’t agree on. I make it for him, I try it for me, and never come up satisfied. I’ve seen many different recipes on cauliflower fried rice, and wondered how it would turn out. Sure, it looks really good on paper, but is it really? I like fried rice (it’s probably the egg, I’m telling you, I’ll eat almost anything with an egg in it.) UNTIL Last night!

I found a recipe from another fellow blogger (if you are trying to go Paleo, Keto, or whatever -O, you may want to look at her stuff.) It’s pretty Fan-freaking-tastic! I made a few changes to the recipe as it was just me. Honestly, the end result was this. I LOVED IT! I will for sure be making some more soon. Or like, EVERY time my husband wants rice himself. The recipe is right here! Paleo Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe – A Spicy Perspective.

What I did differently was only 2 eggs instead of 3 since it was just me. I took the chicken out as I only needed this as a side, and had sausage to go with my meal. I added mushrooms and sautéed them with everything else. I also sautéed the bacon and onion at the same time, so the onion could cook a little longer. Wasn’t really a whole lot to change, and yes it did take a little longer since it was the first time making it – but I’m here to tell you, this recipe was probably one of the best yet!

So there you have it friends. Please have fun with this. Try it, I PROMISE you will like it!


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