New Inspiration


So, Clemson lost the college football national championships. This may not be upsetting to any of you, but it was upsetting to me. I’ve been a Clemson fan since we moved to South Carolina when I was 15 years old. I played club volleyball for the team that was represented by them. My father in law and sister in law are alumni. We just have the ties. I say all those things to say this. It really made me think about the word inspiration, and heart. While watching – and I’m only a spectator, you could see the passion and the determination in all of those players eyes. They fought until the very end, and really, if the game had 2 more minutes in it – I think we would have won.

I digress. The reason for this post is simply this. As I was recapping the game today in my head, and in some of my conversations, all I could think about was the utter determination those players had. Why can’t we all be more inspired to do what we want, or to excel at our jobs, or put that much effort into our relationships? I believe that if we treated every day like the national championship football games, we might go farther, or do better in life. We spend so much time critiquing ourselves, and the people around us. If we went through life with as much heart, maybe the world in which we live in would be a better place.

This has also inspired me to start eating better and doing more for my health, which again, is why I’m sharing these things with you. Here is some information on an eating challenge. you can also find some great cookbooks, and information on the Paleo Lifestyle.

Until next year – GO CLEMSON!


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