Dessert talks

Who doesn’t love dessert? Actually, I can take it or leave it, but I know, and live with a certain individual who has a killer sweet tooth. I can bake cookies, or a cake and let it sit there. My husband on the other hand will eat the whole thing. I guess I have my parents to thank for that – since they owned a restaurant when I was a young child, I had soda (or as they say in Michigan, POP) at my disposal, so I never really cared about it. I will say though, dessert can be a wonderful thing. I do, however LOVE chocolate. I can eat a 3-musketeers bar in no time. Love the stuff. Maybe I have a will-power stronger than some when it comes to sweets? Maybe I’m just different, yep, that’s probably the case!

I’m not here to give you another recipe, but to merely share the knowledge of a wealth of recipes, that aren’t just healthy, but TASTY too!

Please check out this cookbook from one of my favorite sites. Especially if you are trying to stay healthy and just need to have something sweet. These recipes are easy to make, taste delicious, and are good for you too.

-This talk is going to be short and sweet today. Simply because I have some more great things coming for you at a later time I would like to prepare for.

Stay tuned friends, as always, I hope you enjoy!



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