Want a better body? Start here!

As they say, (I’m still not sure who “they” are referring to) “there’s no better time than the present.” Well, THEY are correct. OK – so it’s now 20 days past your resolution time. You’ve given in to whatever you thought you wouldn’t do. You don’t think it’s right for you. You’re starting to feel down on yourself. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can turn your pitty train around and start again. Don’t let some resolution you didn’t follow be your determining factor for success. It’s YOUR journey, and it’s up to YOU to write the book. Not anyone else. WELL, I found this Post Holiday Detox tips, and I wanted to share them with you. (Thank you

It’s important to know that you need to start small. Little by little. Again, as THEY say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Man, I’m full of all these sayings, aren’t I?! 🙂

The biggest advice I will give on these, is that you should again start slow. Let’s start with water 1 week (try and get at least 64oz of water, if not more), then incorporate more veggies the next. Week 3, let’s really start honing in on cutting the processed foods – take a look via The Essential Paleo Cookbook (Second Edition)   or via Free Paleo Meal Plan.  Last, and certainly not least, cut out the booze. Yeah, I know, as you’ve heard me say before, I LOVE WINE! But I promise, that if you do this for at least 21 days (stretch goal of 30) you will notice an extreme difference, and you will be AMAZED! I’m going to also add in there activity. You want to be active throughout this journey. Start with walking, maybe a mile, or 20 minutes a day. Increase that over the course of a month. This will also help shed that weight, AND it will boost your mood, metabolism, and other fantastic things!

As always, stay positive, and stay consistent. Consistency is key, and DON’T GIVE UP!! You can do it, I believe in you!




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