Workout #1

Ever heard the term, “the struggle is real?” Well, that’s been a case with me and running as of late. I LOVE to run, don’t get me wrong. But after my second half marathon, I knew I needed to take a break. I took about a month break, and ran a 5K. Was a good time, but I still felt like I needed more. So here we are, 3 months later, and I hit the streets again. Talk about feeling good. Yes, I had to stop and walk a couple times, but it was nice to have a breath of fresh air, my old 90s – 2000s jams in my ears, and just bopping to the beat of the music. I’m going to have to learn to control my speed again, but all in all, it’s nice to know that I was able to take this break, and not lose too much of my speed.

I can give credit to eating right, continuing to do crossfit – and trying to stay as active as possible while I wasn’t running. Now, do I want to get better, sure. Will I get better? Absolutely. This is only stepping stone number 1 on my life long journey. You have to know, as a runner, cross fitter, or whatever you are trying to do to stay healthy, that it’s OK to fail sometimes, AND it’s ok to stop for a little bit too. Even the best of us need a break sometimes!

So here is the workout I did yesterday.

Run 2 miles – at your pace.

24 push ups / 24 sit-ups

More to come on these, as I continue to work on my endurance and speed again. Core work is VERY important to these things, and it’s important to have TOTAL body strength, not just legs, or arms, or core. Have fun with this. Go at your pace. Enjoy the road, the scenery, the dogs chasing you, wherever you are, enjoy the ride! IMG_1539


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