Workout #2

On Sunday’s we rest, right? Not for me today! I decided since I was to be spending the day indulging with a friend at a bridal show this afternoon (she’s getting married soon, YaY!), probably sipping on mimosa’s at some point during the day, I needed to have a small workout this morning. Let me tell you, friends. This “small” workout turned out being a LOT harder than I anticipated. Sure, 2 mile run – got it! I’ve done squats before too. NO PROBLEM! Well, let’s try and combine the 2 and BOY oh BOY, are we in for a treat. I really thought being able to stop in the middle and catch my breath, do some squats, and start again would make it easier. Ummmm, NO! I think the stopping and squatting, especially the 3rd time around, was ROUGH! Made for an interesting workout, and I’m glad it’s over, because I feel very accomplished now! I guess it’s a good thing I decided to wear my tank that says “the answer is always coffee and squats.” I’m ready for some coffee after all those squats! If you aren’t a runner, Walk. You will still get the same effect. Try walking with ankle weights too. I haven’t incorporated mine into anything lately, but stay tuned, friends, they will be coming soon!

Workout #2:

run 1/2 mile – at every half mile, stop and do 20 squats. At the final 1/2 mile do 30 squats.

Totaling 2 miles, and 90 squats.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts, and share this post if you would like!

Picture below – at the end. Red-faced and all 🙂IMG_1559


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