The ugly cry

I’m not sure if you have figured this out about me or not, but I tend to show emotion in everything I do. I have always been a very emotional, sympathetic, individual. With that comes the good, bad, and ugly. I’ve been known to cry at random commercials, when I’m happy, sad, angry, tired, hungry. You name it, I can most likely cry about it. Maybe it’s just part of being a woman. Maybe I’m a special breed. Who the hell knows. Honestly, I’m sorry Kim, but I’m pretty sure you stole the “ugly cry” from a lot of us females. You’re just famous (for reasons I will truly never understand) and the term was set.

That leads me into my post. This morning, I was doing my morning stalking   Face-booking and I came across a song by Kelly Clarkson. I believe the song is titled, Piece by Piece. Sure, it said it was raw. It said it was emotional. But it’s also American Idol, how bad can it be?!

I’m going to share this video with you, and you can decide for yourself. However, I’m also going to leave you with some viewpoints on this beautiful work.


I have a dad. My dad has been there with me, and for me, from the moment I was conceived. I can’t truly imagine what it’s like to not have a Father. However, I know people near and dear to my heart, that don’t. I also know people who didn’t for a long time, and as Kelly referred to in her song, the Father shows back up later. Again, I can’t imagine how difficult that is for these people, for any people.

This brings me back to the whole subject on our world today, and the things that are happening around us. This is a huge issue. I understand there are always circumstances to every story, and things happen that are unfortunate, or unforeseen. However, for a Father to just up and leave, or how about this, a PARENT to just up and leave. Why? I don’t have children yet, but I can promise you, when I do/we do, we will be devoted to our children. That’s what you are supposed to do. You made this life, it’s your job to raise it to the best of your abilities.

Friends, These are just my views, and my views alone. I know things can be hard at times. I know life can be hard at times. I know that you don’t, nor will you ever understand a person or situation until you walk in their shoes. I get all of those things. But I also know that having a child is a HUGE responsibility, and it seems like we hear more and more about people who decide to up and leave that responsibility. Why? Have we made it too easy to just walk away? What happened to the fight in people? How about those people who are fighting every day because they WISH they could have a child.

I hope that people will read this, listen to that beautiful song, and I truly hope it speaks to everyone. No matter if you have a family or not. I hope you get something out of it. We need more good in the world. More passion for helping, and being there for others. Let’s start that TODAY!

Have a wonderfully blessed day, friends!



Jalapeño Popper Dip

Because I like you guys, I’m going to let you all in on one of my best kept secrets. I don’t always like to brag on myself, but if there is one thing I know, and if you ask my husband, he will tell you the same thing, I make a mean Jalapeño popper dip. I make it a lot of the time for parties. I got the recipe a long long time ago, and it’s SUPER easy, and it’s just plain yummy. I even made it with pickled jalapeños for one of my best friends, and SHE even liked it. If you knew her, you would know how picky of an eater she is – you would be impressed! 🙂

So, I’m going to share this recipe with you. Again, once you start making it, you won’t want to stop! It’s a great one for sure. I also make a jalapeño popper chicken occasionally, although, I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind me making it more. If you don’t like really spicy things, you can substitute regular jalapeños to pickled jalapeños. I also use fresh jalapeños at times to give it an extra kick, and add decoration to the top of the dish.

Without further ado – here you go!


8 ounce package of cream cheese

1/2 cup mayo

1/2 cup cheddar cheese

1/2 cup parmesan cheese


1/4 cup bread crumbs

1/4 cup parm cheese


Mix cream cheese, 1/4 parm cheese, and shredded cheese with mayo. Add as many or as few jalapeños as you would like. I usually add about 4-6 ounces. Add to baking dish. Sprinkle with bread crumbs, rest of the parm. cheese, and some more shredded cheese. Top with more jalapeños if you would like. Bake at 350º for about 20 minutes, or until the sides are bubbling and cheese is starting to turn brown. Serve with bread, crackers or tortilla chips.

Do you have a favorite recipe, or appetizer that you like to serve all the time? Have you tried this one before in a different variety?

Let me know!





I needed a walk

I’m going to be honest with you, because I don’t know any other way. I’ve been pretty lax on my exercising, and I can’t completely figure out why. Am I depressed, sick, emotional? I just can’t pin point one thing. On the flip side to that, I’ve been feeling pretty bad about myself. Isn’t this always the tricky slope we all go on from time to time? This mean cycle that just keeps repeating itself over and over until we finally get tired enough to make a stand.

Well, folks, I made a stand. I went for a walk. I’ve been running for the last couple years on and off, and I’ve fallen in and out of love with the process every time. This time, I decided that I wasn’t going to pressure myself into running again, I’m just going to listen to my body and go for a walk. While I was walking and still being chased by dogs, and enjoying the beautiful 70º+ weather, (you know, we live in Texas, so it’s beautiful here right now) I started thinking about why we continue to go on this crazy fitness cycle. Why isn’t it easier to stick to a plan, or routine?

What I learned on this walk was that I wanted to run. My body was telling me that running is what I needed. I didn’t run the whole time, but I did run some. It was great too!


Here are some things that I want to share with you, that maybe will help you along the way to whatever lifestyle change, or fitness journey you are on. My list, my opinions. Feel free to create your own! Whatever helps to drive or motivate you, I think you should do it. Write it down, have a plan. Master the HELL out of that goal/plan!

  1. You are beautiful.– I know that it’s been said before, but you are. You’re beautiful. It’s taken me 32 years to really realize and be comfortable with that, but it’s true. We all are beautiful in our own special ways, and that’s what makes the world unique.
  2. You are strong. – Again, something I’ve struggled with a lot. Strong doesn’t mean you have to lift 300lbs in a back squat. Strong can mean that you fought your own battle and came out alive, and well. Whatever you are doing, whatever you are going through, you are strong for sticking with it. You are strong for fighting for what you believe in. Keep it up!
  3. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE! – JUST DON’T DO IT! Believe me, I know this is tough. I know that it’s a hell of a lot easier said than done. Again, another thing I’ve battled with for a long time. Guess what?! It doesn’t make a freaking difference about what ANYONE else is doing. As the famous Dr. Seuss said: “Today you are you, that is truer than true, there’s no one alive, that is youer than you.” Believe that. Feed off of it. Use it as your own motivation. images-2
  4. Believe in yourself. Whatever is going on in your life, whatever journey or struggle you might be facing. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You got this. You can do this! God won’t give you something you can’t handle. Handle whatever it is like a boss, and keep it moving! You will feel so much better about yourself once you do.
  5. Listen to your body. When you need to walk, walk. When you need to run, run. If you have to lay on the grass for 15 minutes and catch your breath, do that too. I promise you, if you really start listening to your body, and not your mind, you’ll be surprised with what you can accomplish.
  6. Love yourself. If you love yourself, you will respect, listen and believe in yourself. Why don’t we love ourselves enough to take time out of our days for US? No matter what it is, we are doing it for ourselves. Why do we make all these excuses as to why we can’t, and just think about ourselves? It’s not selfish to do something for yourself. Especially when what you are doing is helping yourself to be a better you.
  7. Above all. HAVE FUN! Whatever you are doing, have fun with it. If it’s not fun, try something else until it is fun. You have to be able to experiment to figure out what is best for YOU, and your life. What fits your needs the best, and something you are passionate about, and enjoy. I can promise you, if you don’t like it, you won’t keep it up.

This is my list for you all. Again, this has been a hard battle for me to overcome myself. I can promise though, little by little, if you continue on, you will form a routine, you will start believing in yourself, and you will continue on your journey. You’ll be amazed with the things you are capable of. Always know, there is someone out there who believes in you!!




Don’t know about any of you, but snacking is one of my favorite parts of the day. I eat my 3 staple meals-  breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I also snack at least 2-3 more times between those meals. Why? First of all, it helps keep your metabolism in check and running. Secondly, if you are snacking and having HEALTHY snacks, you won’t overeat or binge eat when it comes to meal time. Third, I can’t make it a full 4-5 hours without being hungry again, so it’s just needed for my own personal sanity.

I have taken it amongst myself to compile a list of some of my most favorite snack items as of late. Some of these can be strange combinations for you all, and I understand, but I’m  simply giving you some alternatives to things like – chocolate, ice-cream, candy, or some of non-healthy garbage that we all know that we secretly love. MYSELF included!!

  1. Cottage cheese & Strawberries. 
  2. String cheese, and grapes
  3. whole grain toast with cream cheese. – I’m not a huge fan of whole grains all the time, BUT sometimes my body just needs them. This is a great alternative, and if you get a good cream cheese, like I’ve been using this chive and something else, it’s delectable.
  4. Boulder potato chips. – I KNOW! Potato chips, what a bad thing for you. But hear me out. These are actually GOOD for you. Or I should say BETTER for you, than other brands. Made it some good ingredients. I shared some salt and vinegar with my sister this weekend, and now she’s hooked too! Try them. They have different varieties too.
  5. Celery and peanut butter. – AGAIN, I don’t always condone peanut butter, but with celery it’s tasty, and since celery is like a negative food anyways, you need some kind of something on there.
  6. Vegetables with Ranch dressing. -Ranch is good for you people. Not the nasty fat free crap either. I’m talking good, full of fat, ranch. It’s ok, you don’t have to believe me. I have also included a link to a recipe for ranch dressing if you want to make it at home.
  7. Noosa Yogurt. – I choose the yogurt without the chunks of fruit in them, because it makes me want to gag. So, this option you can get vanilla, honey, and pumpkin spice yogurts and they are better for you too. Of course, if you like chunks of fruit, stick with those.
  8. Pepperoni & cheese. 
  9. Grapes & Cottage Cheese. – If you see a trend here, I really like grapes, strawberries, and Cottage Cheese. Also, make sure when you are getting the cottage cheese, that it isn’t the low fat stuff. It’s not as good, and usually when it’s low fat, it’s going to have more sugar in it. Just word to the wise!
  10. PINEAPPLE! – It does have it’s own natural sugars in it, but I still think pineapple is a good fruit. It’s tasty and it’s fruit. I’m sorry, even though I believe in the paleo diet for the most part. There are just some things you won’t steer me away from. Pineapple is one of them. If you can get a whole pineapple and cut it yourself, it’s better for you too.

That’s my list for you, friends. What are your favorite healthy snacks? IMG_1649


Easy Dinner – What’s not to love?

We have friends. We have friends that cook, we have friends that don’t cook. But we have friends none-the-less. I stole this recipe from a friend of mine, and somewhat made it my own. He said that it was sooooo wonderful that he ate the entire dish after everyone else got their servings. I was intrigued by this, and decided that I needed to hop on this band wagon too. Insert trusty crockpot!

You know, the crockpot is great invention. I love it. I especially love it in the winter season. However, here in Texas, we haven’t had much of a winter season as of late, but I still feed the need to use my crockpot all the time. My husband, on the other hand, would prefer to use the grill. I don’t mind either, but sometimes, you need to switch things up a bit. You know, I’ve said it before, live on the wild side! 😉

What do you want to call this one? I don’t really have a name for it. Ranch pork tenderloin? Crockpot pork tenderloin? I’ll take a poll, leave a comment with a name idea, and we can name this greatness together!

**As a side note. I totally forgot to take some pictures of the last 2 posts. I will make sure to take more for you all!**



Pork Tenderloin – 1lb

Ranch or spicy ranch packet

half onion, diced


1tsp garlic

1 cup chicken broth


Add all ingredients into crock pot. Cook on low for about 8 hours. Serve.





Did I ever tell you that my husband is from South Carolina? If I haven’t told you that before, now you know. Some of the things that we make now that we live in Texas, I don’t think anyone has ever heard of, but you know, when the man wants something, sometimes, you just make it for him to be nice! 😉

I do like this recipe though, I could take or leave the rice – and it’s obviously NOT a completely Paleo type of recipe, but sometimes, you have to live on the wild side. This recipe is normally cooked on the stove, but today, I decided that I was going to try it in the crockpot. It was pretty simple. Actually, I may even cook it like this from now on. It’s cuts my time in half, to say the least. If you haven’t tried this South Carolina comfort food, I challenge you to take the leap. You’ll be happy you did!


2-3lb chicken (boneless,skinless)

3 1/2 cups chicken broth

1 small onion

breakfast sausage links – cut in half

2 tsp italian seasoning

2 tsp salt

1 cup white rice


Add all ingredients EXCEPT for rice to crockpot. Cook on low 6-8 hours, or on high 4-5 hours. About 30 minutes before you are ready to serve, add rice and turn crockpot to high. Stir and make sure that everything starts to thicken. If not, add some more rice. Serve immediately.

**I like to make sure my rice is cooked completely through, so just as a side note, you may want to leave the rice in the crockpot for closer to an hour!

Please let me know if you have tried this, or done something different.





Brownies? Did someone say BROWNIES??

Let me tell you friends, I LOVE chocolate. I’m a sucker for chocolate. I said it before, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I DO however, love some chocolate. Well, I am part of this AWESOME group of women, (follow on IG @ Fixedonfit or Facebook @ who have shared some really wonderful recipes for clean, natural ingredient sweets. One of these were… you guessed it, CHOCOLATE BROWNIES!! I was hooked from the moment I read the recipe name. Then I tried them. HOLY HECK! These things are BANGING! I will tell you now that the original recipe called for almond butter, but I didn’t have that, so I used peanut butter instead. Equally as amazing. I’m sure I will try this with almond butter eventually, but this is what I had, so it’s what was used. I felt obligated to share them with you. It’s almost Valentine’s day, and you all deserve it. 🙂



1 1/2 cup almond butter or peanut butter

3/4 cup maple syrup

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup cacao powder

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup chocolate chips – I used dark chocolate


Add butter and maple syrup to bowl and mix. Add egg and vanilla extract and continue mixing until blended. Add cacao powder and baking powder and salt. Continue mixing until blended. Stir in chocolate chips. Put in preheated oven at 350º for about 25 minutes. Let cool about 10 minutes. Serve warm or cold.

Finished Product —