Box Jumps – What was I thinking?!

You’ve all heard of box jumps, right? Well, if you haven’t, I’ll let you in on what this is all about.

You have a box IMG_1578 the box will stand 20, 24, or 30″ tall. You jump on said box, and step off. The process continues until you die are finished with that segment of the workout. SO, my friends, I was doing these box jumps this week at our gym, and I regretfully am proud to say, I have officially been inducted into the box jump wound club. Yep, I  received my first battle wound from the jumps. As I was practicing before the workout even started on the 24″ jump, I was feeling somewhat confident in my ability, but not TOO confident. Moving along to the actual workout which consisted of bench presses, and box jumps.  What happened? THE very FIRST jump in the workout, and BAM! I got a pretty little gouge in my shin! IMG_1570 YEP! That’s my shin. I took this beautiful picture, AFTER the workout was complete. Pardon the white legs!

With that said, I’m going to leave you with the things that were going through my mind during this workout – because, I didn’t stop. Why? Because my mom didn’t raise a quitter! Thanks for that, MOM! 🙂

10. Walking up to the box for the first jump. Yes! I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. I am made of steel, nothing can stop me, I am wonder woman, I’m a believer. I’m not going to give up. I know what I’m made of! YEAHHH!

9. OH CRAP! THAT HURT! Do I stop? Do I keep going? Everyone else is going still. Don’t cause a scene, Kara, don’t cause a scene. I’m not bleeding? Why am I not bleeding? Ok wuss, You’re not bleeding, you need to keep jumping. You have 9 more times to jump this round, step to it.

8. Here we go again. We meet again box. It’s me and you. Ready? Set? JUMP! I DID IT! I cleared it. BAM! Crap my leg hurts. Just keep jumping. That’s all you can do. Prove to yourself and this box what you are made of! Oh God, my leg might fall off right here. This is it, yep, my leg is going to fall off.

7. Ok adrenaline – I’m going to need you to carry me the rest of the way.  Get up, let’s do this! Ok stop, have some water. Catch your breath for a second. Alright, maybe 20 seconds. Water break is over, get to stepping, woman! What song is this? It’s horrendous.

6. OHHHH NOOOO! I AM BLEEDING!!! AHHHHHH! I am going to die. Can someone die from box jumping? Does that REALLY happen? Maybe they will have to amputate my leg. I mean, I am bleeding. Isn’t it what that means? Oh for the love of God, I can’t lose my leg. Why am I even doing this to myself? Beauty is pain, right? THIS IS PAINFUL! I better be drop dead freaking gorgeous after this WOD.

5. I’m at the half way point now. There is no turning back. Ok, Kara, just keep jumping. The faster and harder you jump, the faster this hell workout will be over. Why does my leg hurt so bad? I mean, it’s just a dang wooden box? Can it be infected already? OH please, don’t let it be infected. Do I need a tetanus shot? Maybe I’ll go to the emergency room after this.

4. 4 more. YOU GOT THIS! 2, and 2! Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Oh man!! That was pretty easy. Let’s just keep going. Don’t stop. Think about finishing. Think about the end goal. think about your time cap. You are going to beat it! OH! how you will celebrate after!

3. WHY DOES MY LEG HURT SO BAD? I mean, it just plain hurts. IS THIS EVER GOING TO BE OVER?? Thank goodness I’m not wearing shorts, so no one can see my bloody, nasty, leg. And to think, Seth hates these capri pant things. I’m buying 15 more pair after this workout is over. What does he know about fashion, anyways? I love these things. They hide all your battle scars! Besides, I need a reward, don’t I?

2. When this is over, if I ever finish, I’m drinking an entire bottle of wine. I’m also eating 18lbs worth of ice-cream. I don’t care that it’s not part of my diet. I deserve it. Honestly I’m surprised I can still move my leg at this point.

1. LAST JUMP! I AM A HERO! I did it! I didn’t stop. Why was I even worried? I’m not going to faint, I didn’t die, my leg is still in tact. MAN OH MAN, What a rush! I’m so proud of me. I can’t believe I let this box get in my way. Ok, maybe I don’t need the ice-cream but you better believe, I’m drinking the wine! Guess what, I bet I’ll make sure to clear this stupid wonderful piece of exercise equipment every time I jump now!

**Guess what friends. I went back THE NEXT DAY, and jumped on that box again. Just to prove to myself, and that blasted box, that I AM THE BOSS! I’m no quitter. I keep on moving.

Please laugh, share, comment on your box jumping experiences, and ENJOY!



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