Case of the Monday’s

First of all – before I begin this blog post, let me say that as of 2.4.2016 I’ve issued 20 posts (this will actually be my 22) AND I’ve received 100 likes!!  THANK YOU ALL who have been reading and following my posts!!! Please keep sharing, and commenting. I LOVE hearing and reading everyone else’s posts, and comments. We all need to be supportive of each other in this community, and I honestly can’t wait to see how this progresses for me! Now – On to my story!

Last monday, which would be 2.1.2016, I was SO excited to get this new month, and endeavors started with a BANG! Well, it was a bang alright, probably not one of my best days in a long time, but it made me realize some things. Here we go!

I started off the day babysitting the adorable, rambunctious, full of life crossfit baby at the gym my husband and I go to. Routine, right?! Sure, that part of my day went well, except he was unusually grumpy – pretty sure he’s teething some more, which lead to him whining and crying, while following me around the room ALL MORNING. Until he finally fell asleep. Oh well, we made it through!IMG_1562

Now, on to my company. Conference call number 1, SUCCESS. Conference call number 2, SUCCESS! Maybe I was actually getting somewhere. I needed to make a trip to the post office, so Elvis (our dog, YES he’s named after Elvis Presley) and I jumped in the car and we were off to the post office. Only to get about 4 miles from the house before my back tire blew. UHHHH OHHHH! SERIOUSLY?! IMG_1564

So I called my husband, who THANK GOODNESS wasn’t too terribly far from me, and he came to the RESCUE! YAY! And off to the post office Discount Tire, I go! 2 hours later, I was finished, and pretty much ready for bed.

Let me tell you the positives, and the things that really put this day into perspective for me. First – this was just a bad day all around. Part of it could have been my mood, hormones, or whatever other girly things I had going on that day. Second – I let this day, for the most part, get the best of me. As a normally HAPPY and POSITIVE person, I was just being a grouch. Sure, I’m deserved those days, so is everyone, but it’s how you overcome and get through them, that make you a true winner. Third – I realized in the midst of all this stuff that was going on, how absolutely lucky, and thankful I am. I made sure to thank my husband for coming to my rescue, the people at Discount Tire were ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL with their customer service, and since I’ve gotten my tires replaced there before, what could have costed us a new tire, only cost about $15.00. SCORE!!! The conference calls were successful, which also means that my business is moving along in the right direction. I’m surrounded by family and friends who love me, and support me. What else do I need?

So see, even in the midst of all the things that were SO BAD that dreadful Monday, I was able to pull out, and remember that there is something to be thankful for after all!

Have a wonderfully, thankful day, friends!

*Here are some quotes, and a picture of Elvis, for you all. I hope it brightens your days!!





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