Don’t know about any of you, but snacking is one of my favorite parts of the day. I eat my 3 staple meals-  breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I also snack at least 2-3 more times between those meals. Why? First of all, it helps keep your metabolism in check and running. Secondly, if you are snacking and having HEALTHY snacks, you won’t overeat or binge eat when it comes to meal time. Third, I can’t make it a full 4-5 hours without being hungry again, so it’s just needed for my own personal sanity.

I have taken it amongst myself to compile a list of some of my most favorite snack items as of late. Some of these can be strange combinations for you all, and I understand, but I’m  simply giving you some alternatives to things like – chocolate, ice-cream, candy, or some of non-healthy garbage that we all know that we secretly love. MYSELF included!!

  1. Cottage cheese & Strawberries. 
  2. String cheese, and grapes
  3. whole grain toast with cream cheese. – I’m not a huge fan of whole grains all the time, BUT sometimes my body just needs them. This is a great alternative, and if you get a good cream cheese, like I’ve been using this chive and something else, it’s delectable.
  4. Boulder potato chips. – I KNOW! Potato chips, what a bad thing for you. But hear me out. These are actually GOOD for you. Or I should say BETTER for you, than other brands. Made it some good ingredients. I shared some salt and vinegar with my sister this weekend, and now she’s hooked too! Try them. They have different varieties too.
  5. Celery and peanut butter. – AGAIN, I don’t always condone peanut butter, but with celery it’s tasty, and since celery is like a negative food anyways, you need some kind of something on there.
  6. Vegetables with Ranch dressing. -Ranch is good for you people. Not the nasty fat free crap either. I’m talking good, full of fat, ranch. It’s ok, you don’t have to believe me. I have also included a link to a recipe for ranch dressing if you want to make it at home.
  7. Noosa Yogurt. – I choose the yogurt without the chunks of fruit in them, because it makes me want to gag. So, this option you can get vanilla, honey, and pumpkin spice yogurts and they are better for you too. Of course, if you like chunks of fruit, stick with those.
  8. Pepperoni & cheese. 
  9. Grapes & Cottage Cheese. – If you see a trend here, I really like grapes, strawberries, and Cottage Cheese. Also, make sure when you are getting the cottage cheese, that it isn’t the low fat stuff. It’s not as good, and usually when it’s low fat, it’s going to have more sugar in it. Just word to the wise!
  10. PINEAPPLE! – It does have it’s own natural sugars in it, but I still think pineapple is a good fruit. It’s tasty and it’s fruit. I’m sorry, even though I believe in the paleo diet for the most part. There are just some things you won’t steer me away from. Pineapple is one of them. If you can get a whole pineapple and cut it yourself, it’s better for you too.

That’s my list for you, friends. What are your favorite healthy snacks? IMG_1649


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