The ugly cry

I’m not sure if you have figured this out about me or not, but I tend to show emotion in everything I do. I have always been a very emotional, sympathetic, individual. With that comes the good, bad, and ugly. I’ve been known to cry at random commercials, when I’m happy, sad, angry, tired, hungry. You name it, I can most likely cry about it. Maybe it’s just part of being a woman. Maybe I’m a special breed. Who the hell knows. Honestly, I’m sorry Kim, but I’m pretty sure you stole the “ugly cry” from a lot of us females. You’re just famous (for reasons I will truly never understand) and the term was set.

That leads me into my post. This morning, I was doing my morning stalking   Face-booking and I came across a song by Kelly Clarkson. I believe the song is titled, Piece by Piece. Sure, it said it was raw. It said it was emotional. But it’s also American Idol, how bad can it be?!

I’m going to share this video with you, and you can decide for yourself. However, I’m also going to leave you with some viewpoints on this beautiful work.


I have a dad. My dad has been there with me, and for me, from the moment I was conceived. I can’t truly imagine what it’s like to not have a Father. However, I know people near and dear to my heart, that don’t. I also know people who didn’t for a long time, and as Kelly referred to in her song, the Father shows back up later. Again, I can’t imagine how difficult that is for these people, for any people.

This brings me back to the whole subject on our world today, and the things that are happening around us. This is a huge issue. I understand there are always circumstances to every story, and things happen that are unfortunate, or unforeseen. However, for a Father to just up and leave, or how about this, a PARENT to just up and leave. Why? I don’t have children yet, but I can promise you, when I do/we do, we will be devoted to our children. That’s what you are supposed to do. You made this life, it’s your job to raise it to the best of your abilities.

Friends, These are just my views, and my views alone. I know things can be hard at times. I know life can be hard at times. I know that you don’t, nor will you ever understand a person or situation until you walk in their shoes. I get all of those things. But I also know that having a child is a HUGE responsibility, and it seems like we hear more and more about people who decide to up and leave that responsibility. Why? Have we made it too easy to just walk away? What happened to the fight in people? How about those people who are fighting every day because they WISH they could have a child.

I hope that people will read this, listen to that beautiful song, and I truly hope it speaks to everyone. No matter if you have a family or not. I hope you get something out of it. We need more good in the world. More passion for helping, and being there for others. Let’s start that TODAY!

Have a wonderfully blessed day, friends!



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