Gorilla Measures

Ok, I can’t really contain myself anymore. I have to weigh in on this topic. I’ve spent the last weekend reading, researching, and watching videos of the terrible accident at the Cincinnati Zoo. I have some issues with this whole situation, and I just figure, since this is a free country, and everyone else and their mother gives their opinions on whatever the hell they deem necessary, I will too.

So here it is!

First of all- I’m no animal activist. I like all the cute puppies, horses, turtles, blah blah blah, but you will NEVER not see me picketing outside the Dallas Zoo anytime soon. I won’t be in line with PETA, or marching the streets for Harambe. I’m just not that far in it. BUT – I do think that what happened was a mishap on all sides of the spectrum. Here is why.

Let’s take a zoo first. I understand that this is not the animals “natural” habitat, and that people think that Zoo’s are unjust, etc etc etc. I’m again not that far in it. I do think that Zoo’s can be very educational, and that when there isn’t a child falling 10 feet into a Gorilla’s habitat, that all goes well. If you don’t, don’t go. That’s just fine too. HOWEVER, whatever your view is on these establishments, we have them, and they are supposed to be used for just that, educational purposes. they are supposed to come as close as possible to recreating the animals’ natural habitats. They SHOULD BE/NEED TO BE safe for the humans that enjoy visiting and learning, as well as the animals that are involved. So issue #1- there should have been a little more security measures to have helped stop this poor boy from falling however many feet he fell into this area. That’s a fail on the zoo’s part.

Issue number 2. THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT! By definition, and Accident is Literallya befallingan event that takes place without ones foresight or expectationanundesignedsuddenand unexpected eventchancecontingencyoftenan undesigned andunforeseen occurrence of an afflictive or unfortunate charactera casualtya mishapastodie by an accident. – Thank you webster’s dictionary. Now, before all you parent’s of the year get on your tangents about the mother/parents having more accountability of their youth, let me tell you, I agree to an extent. But we weren’t there, we don’t know what the WHOLE story is, so take it as it’s worth-AN ACCIDENT. Do I agree that the parent/s should have been watching for their child a little closer, sure, but again, I don’t know the whole story- so I’ll tell you one.

When I was about 5-6 years old, my family and I were on a vacation in the Bahamas. I was about ankle deep in water, my mother and sister directly behind me-within arms reach, and guess what happened? the Damn undertow came and swept me out. MY MOM WAS RIGHT THERE WATCHING ME. You know who pulled me out of the water? Some kind gentleman that happened to be standing in the water as I was basically floating by. Is that my mom’s fault? HELL NO! She was right there. She was watching me. She was being accountable. But guess what, it was an unexpected event- an accident.

Sure- you can also debate the issue that they could have used a taser, tranquilizer, etc etc etc- and again, I agree to some extent. But as the general population- we aren’t really trained in the steps that need to be taken when a situation like this arises at the zoo, or any place of the sort, so how do we know what could have/should have happened? We don’t. We are so quick to point fingers on who we think needs the blame, we aren’t even thinking about the whole picture. They made the call. They felt like given the situation at hand, this was the correct call. I feel bad for the endangered species, I do. But I also respect the decisions that people in those tough situations make, because they believe that was the best that they could do given what they had to work with.

So- my stance in a nutshell. This was a tragic event, and accident, and if ALL parties would have been doing more of their jobs from the beginning, we may not need to have this conversation at all. I’m not trying to debate day and night, just simply giving my opinion. For what it’s worth.

RIP Harambe.