1stTrimester Experiences


Wow! So much has happened in my life since starting this blog. Like an ENTIRE 9 months went by (really longer) and my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! She is as amazing as we could have ever dreamed, and we are lucky to be parents! To say it’s been an adjustment would be an understatement, but we are adjusting as a family of 3. With that, I want to share some things I learned through my pregnancy. Let’s start with the first trimester!

What I learned my first trimester.

No symptoms. It’s ok. Believe in yourself, and the process. YOU’RE LUCKY! But at least those with symptoms have some reassurance! It’s a blessing and a curse.

Doctor’s won’t see you until at least 8 weeks. – that wait time SUCKS! Just understand it, especially if it’s your first, like it was mine. We were lucky (?) to find out pretty early, so the waiting game is CRAZY-time!

Tired all the time. – Take naps if you can. go to sleep earlier. Don’t worry if people make fun of you, or feel like you’re missing out on anything. You aren’t. Truthfully, you will be missing out on a lot more “social” gatherings once the baby arrives, so just get used to it!

Hormones raging. – You should probably apologize to your husband or partner a time or two. If they are as understanding as they need to be, they can help you with this. Want to rip someone’s heart out, and cry at the same time?! Yep, that’s normal.

Afraid of the big M. – Trust your body. Listen to your body. This includes exercise, diet, fluids, etc. There is no factor unfortunately that will help with this. But studies show that generally, miscarriage is caused because of genetic abnormalities. Believe that God, and life has a way of giving you what you can handle, no matter how difficult it may be. There is a world of support out there for people who unfortunately have to deal with this. If you are one of those people, find the support system that is best for you.

Stupid questions/comments. – Were you trying? You’re eating for 2. What do you want to have? WHO CARES? This is your life, and the life of your partner. You guys make the decision, and come up with a game plan as to how you want these questions answered. Get used to it too, because the questions don’t stop once the baby arrives!

Afraid to tell people. – Tell who you want. It’s your life, your decision, your child. Do what’s best for you and your family. Why basically live in silence for the first 3 months you are pregnant? Sure, it’s a tricky time. Sure, you aren’t showing, nothing seems to be happening. But, why live in secrecy about it. Enjoy that time, because when your body really starting changing, You’ll be bombarded with comments and questions.

Do your research. – Where/how you want to give birth? It’s never to early to begin interviewing people, and places. Vaginal vs. Cesarean. Breastfeeding vs bottle. Body changes, and hormones. This are all things you need to familiarize yourself with.

Download ALL the apps! They all say and do different things, and they all add value. I had about 100 on my phone and narrowed it down to my favorite 2 trackers. Pregnancy + and Ovia. Ovia is also great because there is a “family” app for after the baby arrives!

Last but not least. DON’T GOOGLE ANY SYMPTOMS! This is a double edged sword, but believe me, you will end up thinking your child is going to have 16 heads, and cased with every known disease in the world. It’s hard not to, especially since you want to be able to research- but I’m telling you, if you just trust your body, yourself, and the growing baby inside of you, you will be fine!

How about you? What was your first trimester like?



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