Why I hate my Fitbit

If you’re like me, and probably the other million people on the planet, you have a fitbit. If you don’t know what that is by now, please do us all a favor and crawl out from under the rock you are living. Where there are different types of these devices out there, some that do more, or less than others, they are all the same in the fact that they are trying to help with your overall health and wellness.  I’m here to give you the reasons that mine annoys me.

Reminders to move. As if I needed some other way to let me know that I’m lazy and I’ve been on the couch for the last 6 hours watching Game of Thrones on Netflix. Now  I have this device that’s attached to my arm that vibrates ever hour if I don’t get up and walk around for a little bit. Sure, I could probably turn it off, but what’s the point. I love tackling my frustrations head on, not hiding from them.

Step Goal. If the reminders to move weren’t enough, I’m supposed to have some daily step goal in mind. If it’s too low then I feel like I’m not doing enough, too high, and I’m constantly feeling like a failure. Where is the sweet spot here? Why can’t I tell you my daily activities, and you assign me a goal to meet?! Instead I’m stuck wondering if I’m doing too much or too little.

Challenges. You have a weekly challenge, a weekend challenge, a friends and family challenge, neighbor challenge, and whatever other challenge you can possibly dream of. Why? Because in some strange way I enjoy seeing my results as compared to the other people near and dear to my heart. If I’m losing, that lights some kind of sick and twisted fire in me to start moving even more, because I need to win this competition. So here I am syncing my device every 2 hours, just so I can see how I stack up against the rest of the squad.

Pushing a stroller/shopping cart. REALLY FITBIT? This is your biggest fail. Why do my steps not count if I’m pushing a stroller or shopping cart? Have you tried to push a cart in Costco with a 20lb baby carrier,  2-3 cases of beer/wine (let’s face it, that’s the only reason anyone shops at Costco), meat to feed a small army, and any other small item I can find a place for? I’m here to tell you, that cart is NOT light. And what about my stroller? I’m out in the wilderness (ok fine, it’s really a walking trail) pushing my baby, trying to stay fit so you don’t vibrate my arm off every hour, all to have my dreams crushed because I can’t use 2 hands to push this stroller. Get with the program here. Honestly, my steps should count double for this one!

Charging. First of all, the cord isn’t long enough. It needs to be longer, or maybe there is an option I haven’t found and I can purchase a longer cord. Secondly- I already have a clock, baby monitor, cell phone charger, breast pump, and night stand lamp plugged into my outlets. Now I have to find a way to incorporate my fitbit charger because if it’s not beside my bed, and I have to walk to get it, do those steps even count? I need credit for every step I take to make this astronomical goal I have set for myself. Just get a longer cord  so I can reach down and grab my device before I step out of bed in the morning. God forbid I forget my fitbit at home…

And here I am, still getting up every day trying to beat those daily goals, and motivating myself to move because I have to do better. You may not be too bad after all, dear Fitbit. But start working with my cart and stroller please. Thank you!




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