It’s a FIRST Birthday PARTY!

Where oh where has this last year gone? I remember feeling you growing and kicking from the inside. Now you are crawling, standing, talking, laughing and learning every day. So, here we are, planning your first birthday. That is just surreal to me.

My husband and I are not your average party planners. We like to celebrate. We like to have fun. We LOVE our family and friends. We LOVE entertaining. (Well, I love entertaining, but thankfully, my husband just goes along with it.!)

So, for Jamie’s first birthday, we threw a party! This 1st birthday will be one for the books. For us at least! This is not your conventional type of party. Sure, there will be a smash cake, cookies, some snacks. But there will also be a Keg of Beer! Hence our theme – Cookies, and Keg Birthday. I mean, let’s be honest here. Who is the first year of life celebration for, anyways?!

I came up with this theme while trying to debate on whether or not we were really going to throw a party for Jamie’s first birthday. Seriously though, she’s not going to remember. We will have pictures to show her, but other than that, she won’t know.

So here are the details of her party! – 

Since our family and friends are all scattered throughout the states, I opted for a non traditional Facebook invite. Also, because my husband’s new job gives him a long weekend off every other weekend, we had to celebrate a week early. Her actual birthday isn’t until the 24th. Don’t worry, I’ll have another blog all about  that, I’m sure! 


My mom (who is one of the best bakers I know) made these cookies, and she and I decorated them before the party! Aren’t they cute?! Beer mugs and # 1. 

I’m not your type of parent who thinks I need to spend a lot of money on a fancy cake. They are cute, but right now I don’t see the need. So I found this awesome mold at Hobby Lobby, and decided I would make Jamie’s smash cake! She obviously didn’t mind one bit! 

Yes, we REALLY did have a keg.. Again, this party is really for us!

I did get a Pinata, really for picture purposes for Jamie’s first birthday pictures, but it was fun to have that day, as well!

So, here it is! Jamie’s Cookies and Keg first Birthday party! A lot of fun had by all.

What was a favorite party that you put together for or with your family, friends, or children? Leave it in the Comments! 



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