Traveling with Toddler-Must Have


I’m sure you know by now, but Jamie is a year old! I still can’t believe it. We have had so many experiences in the last year, I can’t imagine what the years to come will have in store for us.

The first time I traveled with Jamie by plan, she was 4 months old. Luckily, I had my dad with me on our flight to Virginia, and we flew Southwest Airlines and if you haven’t ever flown with them, with a child, it was a great experience. They were very helpful. The second time we traveled together was 4 months later, and we went back to Virginia. Jamie was almost 8 months old, and I was traveling by myself. Now, here we are again, a year old “toddler” and I traveling to Indiana. We made it successful, on a different airline too. After all of this I want to share some tips and tricks that I believe have helped along the way.

Distractions. Bring lots of distractions for your children. I’ve been lucky enough that all of the flights I’ve been on with Jamie have been 2-3 hours at the most. I know when we are at home, she plays with something and is ready to move onto something else within 10-15 minutes. I try to pack enough distractions for her to enjoy for the duration of our flight. I download apps on my iPad, and have some interactive toys as well.

Snacks. I can honestly thank my Sister-in-law for this one. She traveled with her youngest right before I had Jamie and she was by herself. She is ALWAYS good about having snacks for her children, and on a flight is no exception to this rule. When I traveled, I made sure I had enough different snacks, I probably could have fed everyone on the plane. It worked. When Jamie was hungry or bored, snacks saved the day!

Milk/Water. I’m still nursing, but I also had a cup of milk, and water for Jamie for on the plane, and in the airports. Security will let you through with those items for a small child, which is great!

Blankets, extra clothes for you, and child. Seriously. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN! I’ve had spit up on me, a blow out on the airplane, lost socks, you name it, I think it’s happened. If you don’t want to pack extra clothes for yourself, at least bring an extra shirt or something to cover up with. The blankets serve as a nursing shield, or you can help cover them if you’re flying during nap time.

Stroller. If you are traveling solo, the stroller is great to have. It just makes life easier. All airlines will let you gate check the strollers, and it’s ready for you to grab once you get off the plane. I wouldn’t leave home without our stroller when I’m traveling. I didn’t have one the first time, but thankfully, my dad was with me. Now – even if I had help of someone else, I would still bring the stroller.

This is my must have list for traveling solo with a child. Most of all, just remember to have fun, know that things happen, and be polite to the people along the way. It will get your farther. Don’t forget your diapers and wipes, and remember to breathe!!

Do you have something to add to this list? Let me know!


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