Thirsty Thursday – Lee Harvey Edition

HAPPY THURSDAY, EVERYONE! I’m so ready for this upcoming weekend, I can’t even stand myself. It’s been a week for the books, that’s for sure. I can’t complain though, it’s been a busy, tiring, fun-filled week. This weekend is also Easter, and I’m happy to be celebrating another first holiday with my little family. Those are the best things to look forward to. Oh, the joys of being an adult, and a parent!

So, here I am, sipping on my wine, ready for next week already, and thinking about some of the best places to tell you all about. This one comes because I can’t wait to go back! We have a friend coming into town next week, and when he asked us to take him to Lee Harvey’s, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how happy I was about this! So, without further ado, here is this weeks “Thirsty Thursday” – Lee Harvey Edition!

A small little bar in South Dallas that was made from a house, this place doesn’t even boast small. Honestly, when you walk in the doors it feels like home, maybe a little home from the 80s, but it still feels like home. Drink specials every night from 3-7, and seriously, who doesn’t like a place that makes their own pickles?!

They have bands that play on the weekends, they have this super kick ass outdoor area that you can bring your dogs too if you want. Picnic benches, and even fire pits surround the outside. Makes you never want to leave. Their motto, which I personally LOVE is “a little friendly dive bar that welcomes everyone.” I can’t say enough good things about this place, but I’ll let you check out their webpage for yourself  Here

I’ve even added some pictures of this joint, just so you can get a feel of what I’m talking about.



Do these pictures not make you want to hang out there, like ALL THE TIME?! If you don’t believe me, you should try it for yourself. Also, if you want to join their mailing list, so you can see when the next event or concert is, just go Here .

So that’s all I have for now, friends!

Have a wonderful night, and BOTTOMS UP!



Thirsty Thursday!

If you can’t tell by my posts, I like to relax with a cocktail or 2 occasionally, (ok- I really like wine…like REALLY like wine!) So I decided to start a new segment with this blog featuring some local restaurants, wineries, breweries, or bars with some of my favorite foods, drinks, etc!

I started last week, but, well, life happened and I didn’t get to post anything about the location that I was featuring. So this week we will have a 2 part segment- consider yourselves lucky!

The first place that I want to tell you all about is a brewery that’s close to our house, and oh so tasty! They are fairly new. My husband and I went to their grand opening a couple years ago, and we have been hooked since! Woodcreek Brewing Company is one of the coolest, most relaxed places to visit if you are in Rockwall, Texas. They have a fun atmosphere, this life sized Jenga game, and all of the staff is VERY friendly. You can tour the site, and learn how they make some of their beers. And while you’re there, you might as well taste them! No matter what you have in mind, they have something to cater to anyone’s pallet. Go check them out!


The next place that I want to talk about is Revolver Brewing This place has one of my MOST FAVORITE beers in the planet. I mean, seriously ya’ll- this beer is amazing. Blood and Honey! It’s like a blue moon, but stronger, and even tastier! If you are in Grandbury, Texas you need to go by this place. But if you are local, you can find their beers in almost any grocery store now, too! That makes this mommy VERY HAPPY! I’m telling you- this beer is SOO good, I even got some of my family members on it, and they live in South Carolina! Guess they just have to come visit us more often! 🙂10509646_10101994837596430_3494585407891749935_n

Well, that’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for more places around here, because believe me, I have more to come!

Thanks, and bottoms up!!



Happy Half year Birthday, baby! 

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie… where has the last 6 months gone? It was yesterday that your dad and I went to the hospital on a whim (Link to that story Here) and a few hours later you were born. You know, I really wasn’t sure how life was going to play out before you arrived. I was nervous, excited, hesitant, happy, sad, scared. Any emotion you can think of, they all ran through me, but the minute you arrived, all those feelings subsided. You blessed our family in a way I never thought possible, and I don’t even remember what life was like before you arrived. In this short period of time you have taught me how to love, in a way I didn’t think was possible. 

Seeing you grow and learn, the way you smile at your daddy, when you laugh, all of those things touch my heart. I can’t wait for the next six months, and at the same time I want time to stand still! 

I hope that you know how much we love you, and I hope as you grow, develop, and learn, you continue to spread the love and joy to others that you do now. But most of all, I want you to shine. I want you to walk with confidence, and never settle to be anything less than the person that God wants you to be.

Here’s to the next 6 months and beyond- my sweet baby girl! 💜💜


Girls and Bows

Before my daughter was born, I swore I wouldn’t be one of those parents that put all those crazy bows on my child.  I don’t know, I’m just not into that fashion trend. We tend to keep things a little more light and airy around our house, and in our wardrobe. So, this sweet friend of mine, who happens to own a bow boutique sent me 2 of her handmade bows. Ya’ll, I’m here to tell you they are GREAT!

First of all, Jamie has been blessed with my small head. That’s a blessing and a curse. The trouble is that no headband really seems to fit her. I have a few that work, but most of them are too big. But the bows from 2ndavenueboutique work great. The elastic on these headbands are PERFECT! They aren’t too snug, nor are they too big. When she moves, they seem to move right with her.

Melissa-the owner of 2ndavenue boutique can do pretty much anything too! As you know, our family is a Clemson Tiger family. (National Champs… WHAT, WHAT!!) Knowing that, Melissa made the CUTEST headband for Jamie! It’s a little bigger than I would have picked out for her, but OH MY GOODNESS, it’s still perfect!

Obviously Jamie loves this bow too. Can’t you tell from her expression?!

There are so many other options that Melissa can do. She’s made bow ties for the men, even a tutu for a wedding! Whatever you can dream of, I’m sure that she can do it. The sky’s the limit with this boutique!

Are these not perfect?! And if you really still don’t believe that she can do anything and everything, look at this cute puppy!

So do me a favor, my family and friends. Go Here and check out her etsy shop! You won’t be sorry that you did. I promise you, I’m not!

Happy shopping, friends! 🙂


Alcohol at Wholesale Stores

Are you one of the many people that shop at Costco? If you are like me, and the 1,897,650,432 people in the world, you probably shop at Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, or some other wholesale warehouse type place. I love going to Costco, but truthfully, you really have to plan your trips there. Timing is everything in these places, and if you want to know my personal opinion, they need to serve alcohol. This is why-

First of all, you all know I have a child. I love my child. I honestly never knew that motherhood could be such an amazing gift from God. HOWEVER, I – probably like the rest of us parents – HATES when my child screams in a store. It’s so embarrassing, and there isn’t much you can do about it unless you want to get 0 things accomplished during the day. So serving alcohol to the nice members, with or without children, might make the fact that ALL the children in these stores are screaming at the top of their lungs a little less noticeable.

Second. Bumper baskets. Come on. You can’t even tell me that you haven’t thought about ramming one of those big shopping carts right into another one. Especially when the person is in the middle of the aisle, stopped. Taking up ALL the space. Move it Susan, I’m busy here! Having a glass of cabernet while strolling the aisles might make the fact that I’m wasting my life away in a wholesale shopping center, while my child screams, a little less terrifying. Also, who wants to spill your wine or beer?

Third. THOSE SAMPLE PEOPLE! What else goes best with pretzel bread than a nice red blend, cabernet, or pinot grigio? Maybe even a IPA or hefeweizen for you non wine drinkers out there! But seriously, there isn’t enough drinks for all the samples I can have. I’m honestly feeling like I don’t even get to clean my pallet from the last sample and I’m off to test something else. We don’t get to sample enough drinks, so maybe, if there were wine and beer available- I would be more apt to try ALL the samples!

Costco Profits Rise In Weak Economy

Last, but definitely not least – If I have a glass of wine, or a beer,  I would probably stroll the aisles a little longer, filling my basket with more than the things that I had on my list. I would be happier, and more relaxed. I might even stop and grab a bite to eat from the concession stand.

So if you, or someone you know works at one of these wholesale chains. Please do us all a favor and tell them that they are missing out on a big thing here!

Thank you, and you’re welcome! 🙂



First Family Vacation

WHOA! What a week it was. Since my husband was born/raised in the Carolina’s, naturally all his family still lives in that area. If you didn’t know already, we live in Texas. That’s just a hop, skip, and a 15 hour car ride to his parents house. We’ve done this trip before, but it was before Jamie- our daughter was born. I’m here to tell you that this was a WHOLE new experience for me.

Traveling with a baby is a game changer for parents anyways, but you must pack for every possible scenario. Jamie has already been on a plane, but this is a car ride- and a long one at that! On our first leg, we traveled from our house to Memphis, TN, where my sister and brother in law live. Half way to Memphis, we had a minor blow out. Call in outfit change number 1. We made it to Memphis in record time, it’s only a 6 hour drive from our house to my sisters. Jamie really enjoyed seeing her Aunt and Uncle. The last time she saw them, she cried when my brother in law tried to hold her. She had a new tune for him this time around!


On to South Carolina the next day. 9 hours in the car. We can do this! Luckily we only had to stop 2 times, and we didn’t have any blow outs this time, thank goodness! What I learned is that when my child gets hungry enough, she will finally take a bottle from me. You see, I’m still nursing. This was quite a challenge while traveling at first, because Jamie didn’t want to take the bottle from me. But I would pump – thank goodness for electric outlets in vehicles now – and give her the bottle. It worked.! She knew she wanted to eat, and I couldn’t do anything else but what I was doing!


While in the Carolina’s Jamie had many awesome firsts. She met her other Great Grandmother for the first time, some more aunts and uncles, and then we took a quick trip to the beach, and she felt the sand and ocean for the first time! She LOVED every bit of it.

This was such an awesome experience, and a trip that is definitely going to be remembered for us at least! I will also go on record to say that these are the things you need to have when traveling. lots of blankets, clothing options for all seasons, small toys, music, spit cloths, a coat, breast pump- if you are nursing- extra sanity, and a good support system! I wouldn’t have been able to make this trip alone, so I’m thankful that we were all together!

Is there anything that anyone else would recommend while traveling with a baby?


Those late night feedings…

Oh, the joys of parenthood. For a mother, you carry this baby inside of you for 9 months. You focus on your health and well-being, because it is the health and well-being of your child now. You love it from the second you find out about it, and then when the time comes, you can’t believe you could love something that you’ve only just met so much. Then you bring the baby home, and BOOM! you’re on your own. What will you do about ALL THOSE FEEDING sessions? But you figure it out. You’re a mom now, it’s just what you do.

Now- I would like to say that my child sleeps through the night, and has for a long time, but that’s really not always the case. She has surprised us a few times and gave us a break, but usually I still have at least 1 middle of the night feeding session, and it happens right around 3am. A part of me has really grown to enjoy this feeding. Here’s why.

It’s quiet at 3am. Eerily quiet. Well, except when I’m straggling back to bed and Elvis (our dog) decides to bark at me. I walk from one side of the house to the other, with no distractions, nothing. There is no noise, no crying, people talking, television playing. It’s just peaceful.

It’s also amazing how you see your house from a different perspective in the middle of the night. I’m not worried about the dishes in the sink, or the fact that I forgot to vacuum the carpet the day before. I am overcome with thankfulness to have a roof over my head, and a family that loves me so much, and to be under this dwelling with all of them, together.

One of the things I love the most about this time is that I once again get to snuggle with my daughter. I know it won’t be like this forever, and although it can be hard at times, having that extra time with her does something for my heart. Those snuggles. That alone time is different from the day to day activities. We are together, I am providing for her, and helping her go back to sleep at the same time. That’s the good stuff!

I again know there will come a time that this won’t happen anymore, or things will be different, so right now, I’ll cherish those middle of the night feedings.. I’ll cherish my supply of coffee in the mornings, too!